Select – Palm Vape Kit

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$90.00 $60.00

SPECIAL OFFER – Get a Select Palm Vape Battery any Select Elite Vape Cartridge for only $60!

*expires when supplies run out.


Select Elite Vape Oil

Grown in live organic soil by trusted local farmers. Extracted using with cutting-edge technology. Respected for consistent quality & relentless innovation. Winner of 2017 Dope Industry Award for Best Concentrate Company. Select is at the forefront of the fastest growing sector of the cannabis industry.

2 reviews for Select – Palm Vape Kit

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Adam Ting (verified owner)

    Amazing deal. I love Select carts already & the free Palm battery is legit. It’s not some cheap low voltage pen that will lose the connection.
    For reference the battery itself sells for $25 on eBay. So this is an amazing deal.
    Tip: buy a 3 pack of the magnet bottom screw cap. They cost like $2. You’ll be able to switch carts around w/o having to mess w/ the connection part. So less likely to mess that up too.

    • lei

      Adam, amazing suggestion! We often tell our customers who use other 510 thread batteries to get a magnet bottom cap – not all cartridges reach the heating coil. Thanks so much for this review and extra extra tip!

  2. Rated 2 out of 5

    Jacob Kelly (verified owner)

    I was excited about this product initially, as it worked right off the bat, I got a few solid hits, and the drag was smooth. After a few hits though, the oil started tasting burnt. Just to make sure I wasn’t high, I attached the cart to another battery, and it tasted normal again. I wrote it off as an air bubble or something caught in the cart, so I attached it back to Palm battery, and all of a sudden I couldnt get a hit. The light on the battery lit up, so there must have been an issue with the connection. I took the cart back off, hooked it back up to another battery and it worked fine again. I wrote this off as some quirk with that particular cart, and I still really liked the idea of the battery. Week or two later, I picked up a new cart and put it in the Palm battery, and the same situation went down. Fool me once…

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