Jetty Gold
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Jetty Vape Oil .5g-Gold Line

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Jetty Gold contains 86% THC! Better than ever!


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Product Description

Jetty Vape Oil .5g Gold Line

Specifically designed and tested to vaporize pure cannabis oil, Jetty is quickly becoming a very sought after product. This pre-filled vapor cartridge contains 100% pure CO2 extracted cannabis oil, the cleanest and most convenient way to medicate yet. The refined oil in Jetty Pure contains no glycols or additives.

Most vape companies add a fruit extract, such as coconut oil. This may comprise 25% or more of the oil! Not Jetty, only 100% pure cannabis oil. Jetty also sets the standard for a full half gram varying from 500ml to 750ml. In other words, you will not be shorted. And, the oil is pure without the fruit extracts.

It is a better smoke. Period.

Available Strains:

Note: Inventory strains are changing all the time.

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2 reviews for Jetty Vape Oil .5g-Gold Line

  1. 3 out of 5


    Oh jetty, you are a mixed bag. On one hand I’m a big fan of your oils. They are some of the most potent and clean tasting. My beefs with jetty cartridges are entirely in the details, because frankly the oil is on point. Unfortunately I frequently run into issues of the cartridges burning out before the oil does (and many of my friends have experienced this to). Another problem I sometimes find with jetty vapes is that the oil occasionally tastes burnt and also tends to congeal over time (hardening in the cartridge preventing it from hitting). I’m also not crazy about how the gold line only comes in the varieties: sativa, indica, and hybrid. I far prefer strain specific oils because otherwise your not really getting any of the strain specific terpenes that give nuance to different highs, tastes and smells. I realize this is a kind of high maintenance review… but I had to be honest.

  2. 5 out of 5


    For a while the Jetty had their issues, but all in all the issue was never with their product- it was mainly the functionality of the cartridge that ever had me hesitating. They have since then worked out these few kinks and the product still tastes as great as ever and definitely packs a punch!

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