Pure Ratios CBD Patch BOGO

Special Offer – Get 2 for 1 CBD/THC Patches when you try our newest addition for pain relief, Pure Ratios.

Pure Ratios has taken pain patches to the next level. Their award winning patent pending patches provide ache alleviation for up to 96 hours. The topical delivery of CBD bypasses the digestive process for undiluted absorption of cannabinoids directly into the bloodstream. These patches are waterproof so no need to worry about them falling off. They are also hypoallergenic and packed full of natural ingredients: virgin avocado oil, extra virgin coconut oil, virgin sweet almond oil, aloe, and shea olein. Available in three different ratios, choose the one that fits your lifestyle.


Pure Ratios 18:1 Transdermal Patch

How to apply:

Clean area were patch will be applied with alcohol.

Open package and remove the patch.

Peel the backing off one side at a time and discard backing

Place patch in desired location and smooth it over with your fingers to make sure it has properly adhered.

For users with sensitive skin it is recommended you apply the patch to the top of your foot instead of the inside of your wrist.

How to remove:

To remove patch, pull carefully from the corner and discard.
Clean any remaining residue with alcohol.


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