MJ’S Wellness CBD Daily Serum


MJ’S Wellness CBD Daily Serum

MJ’S is leading the way with a New Class of Therapeutic Cannabis Serums that provide all in
one delivery in a single product with multi spectrum multi pathway delivery.

Multi-Spectrum Multi Pathway All In One 188mg CBD:THCa, THC
Multi-Spectrum high potency cannabis blend of CBD,CBDA,CBG,CBN,CBGA, THC Delta 8 & Delta 9

All In One Oral, Sublingual & Topical Serum + Multiple pathway delivery for maximum therapeutic benefit
Precise measured incremental dosing 1.125 mg per pump

188mg CBD/THC per bottle

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MJ’S Therapeutic brands offer unparalleled success with superior efficacy and a proven track
record that continue to deliver results. Their formulations, design, dose & delivery methods
provide a unique proprietary blend of multi spectrum cannabinoid & terpene rich profiles
administered through multiple pathways in a precise measured dose.


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