Chronic Creek Pre-Rolls

Chronic Creek pre-rolls are just what you need when you are on the go. Each pre-roll weighs .9g.

Contains 1 .9g pre-roll

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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At Chronic Creek, they create and utilize sustainable organic potting soil to develop a viable food web for microorganisms and beneficial bacteria promoting healthy roots. Their plants receive daily attention where they use the latest in greenhouse and light technology to ensure proper light spectrum. Their non-toxic pest control solutions and pairing of certain varieties of flora to naturally deter pests has allowed them to pass the rigorous testing of the state of California in EVERY strain grown at Chronic Creek. They pride themselves on the sustainable, environmentally conscious, organic growing methods. Their blend of technology and hands on, “old school” techniques creates a dynamic environment for their plants to thrive. That is why they are Pure Humboldt!

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Black Jack (Sativa Hybrid), Dream Queen (Sativa Hybrid), Hades OG (Indica Hybrid)


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