THC Design Wonder Larry (Indica Hybrid)


Wonder Larry | Comes from a long line of calming citrusy and piney OGs. This indica is great for relaxing after work, with a nice balanced body buzz and sense of euphoria.  Tested by: CannaSafe

THC: 21.41% (749.4mg)

Total active Cannabinoids : 25.20% (882mg)

THCa: 23.78% (832.5mg)

Δ9THC: .55% (19.28mg)

THCv: 0% (0mg)

CBDa: .06% (2.1mg)

CBC: 0% (0mg)

CBG: .11% (4mg)

CBGa: .67% (23.4mg)

*THC levels may vary from batch to batch


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