NUG – Taffie (Hybrid)

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Taffie | These nugs are dense! Taffie is a 50/50 hybrid owing its parentage to Tangie and LA Affie. These heavy nugs exude a pleasant citrus scent like the zest off a fresh picked lemon, and the taste is a smooth blend of floral notes with a hint of orange that is quite reminiscent of its sativa lineage. This strain is a hybrid’s hybrid. Taffie balances perfectly the stimulation of a sativa and the relaxing euphoric sense of well being of indicas, making it a popular strain for smokers of all types. Many users report it as an effective strain for managing pain and promoting a swell of relaxation. Ride the wave… bro.

THC: 24% (828.59mg)

CBD: 0% (0.00mg)

*THC levels may vary from batch to batch

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