Northern Emeralds - Emerald OG

A cross of Fire OG and Emerald Diesel, Emerald OG’s pungent aroma will be enough to make your eyes water.  These bright green buds are mildly sour in smell and complimented with fruity flavors . This strain is a promising  indica dominate hybrid with its thought provoking  and moderate couch locking effects. Great for an evening full of ” I’ll do that tomorrow”.




THC – 18.00% (626.00mg)
CBD – 00.00% (000.0mg)

Total Cannabinoids 21.00%

*THC levels may vary from batch to batch

Northern Emeralds Platinum – Emerald OG (Indica Hybrid)


Northern Emeralds “Platinum” strains must meet strict standards for quality, nose and potency. This flagship strain, Emerald OG is covered in frosty trichomes and gives a wildly refreshing piney, floral aroma. Weighing in a 23% THC, this strain will hit as hard as need it too, preparing even the most anxious person for a sweet night of restful slumber.

THC – 20.00% (690.00mg)
CBD – 00.00% (000.0mg)

Total Cannabinoids 23.00% (751.45mg)


*THC levels may vary from batch to batch

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Northern Emeralds is the premier cannabis brand to emerge from the Emerald Triangle, America’s original home of boutique flower. They combine distinct heirloom genetics with a proprietary, innovative cultivation process perfected over decades. They offer their partners a product of unparalleled quality, consistent from batch to batch, supplied with impeccable reliability. They take pride in their rapid sell-through rate and growing recognition among connoisseurs. They passionately believe responsible cannabis consumption is a benefit to the health and wellness of our community, and they are committed to setting the standard for excellence as our industry evolves. They are in relentless pursuit of the cannabis plant’s true potential and are proud to be a lead producer of California’s newest craft crop.


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