Northern Emeralds Gold – Velvet Queen (Sativa Hybrid)


Velvet Queen | Smooth and elegant as the name given, it’s a sativa- hybrid bred for royalty. The parental linage is a cross of Blueberry X Dutch Treat and has inherited many great traits from them both. Velvet Queen is a symphony of sweet berry scents and smile provoking effects . Individuals have reported using this strain for anxiety , mood support and DIY projects .

THC: 15% (525mg)
CBD: 0% (0mg)

*THC levels may vary from batch to batch

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Northern Emeralds is the premier cannabis brand to emerge from the Emerald Triangle, America’s original home of boutique flower. They combine distinct heirloom genetics with a proprietary, innovative cultivation process perfected over decades. They offer their partners a product of unparalleled quality, consistent from batch to batch, supplied with impeccable reliability. They take pride in their rapid sell-through rate and growing recognition among connoisseurs. They passionately believe responsible cannabis consumption is a benefit to the health and wellness of our community, and they are committed to setting the standard for excellence as our industry evolves. They are in relentless pursuit of the cannabis plant’s true potential and are proud to be a lead producer of California’s newest craft crop.


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