Claybourne Wedding Cake (Indica Hybrid)


Wedding Cake | From novice to experienced advocate, this is the strain for you. Wedding Cake, also known as Pink Cookies, is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. It’s impressive cannabinoid make up is best for pain management. This strain is rich in THCa to reduce inflammation for those battle lupus or arthritis. THCa offers antiemetic properties to aide with nausea and helps to stimulate appetite. Prepare yourself for the giggles also known as a stoney high. Uplift your mood and enjoy the cerebral transition.

THC: 28.69%
CBD: 0.05%

*THC levels may vary from batch to batch

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Claybourne Co.

Claybourne Co. has paved it’s own road by offering unique flower products presented in a unique way. We believe that the individuality of each strain lies in the unique cannabinoid and terpene profile of the flower. We’re growing the next California cannabis brand for a new breed of cannabis consumers who want to know more about the cannabis they’re consuming and that starts with our transparency.


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