Cheech's Stash - Purple Primate

Cheech’s Private Stash Purple Primate (Indica)


Densely packed nugs covered with a consistent layer of trichomes bring an inviting quality to the visual appeal of this strong-looking strain. This strain definitely smells purple! The nose has a pronounced floral grape scent with a sweet detergent finish. A bit of sour pine is also noticed. Clean and crisp smoke tastes so smooth that the grape candy flavor is subtle. Body-relaxing and mind-easing, this strain is great for winding down after a stressful day.

THC – 16.41% (599.1mg)
CBD – 00.03% (001.2mg)

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Notorious stoner, Cheech Marin, famously known for embodying half of hilariously irreverent stoner comedy duo Cheech and Chong, knows a thing or two about cannabis. Which is why he thought it only fair to develop his own personal brand of curated cannabis, and with this he presents “Cheech’s Private Stash,” a little piece of paradise for the connoisseur of pleasurable living. Along with his daughter Jasmine, and son Joey-Dee, Cheech has personally selected strains and worked with master growers to sustainably produce an all natural selection of quality cannabis products, representative of over four decades of legendary experience. Cheech’s participation in the cannabis business marks a major milestone for the longtime advocate and global counterculture icon who says he remains dedicated to his vision of “sharing the love, experience, and understanding of cannabis”, and is looking forward to shaping the future of the adult-use market responsibly. Cheech is bringing the party to his own back yard, as California is the first state to feature the initial four Cheech’s Private Stash cannabis flower strains – Sour Diesel, Cookie Glue, Do Si Dos, and Platinum OG. Each line offers diverse genetics, boasting a range of Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids with accommodating mid to high THC varieties. These selected strains reflect a well rounded survey of what Cheech himself considers to be good weed, boasting Cheech’s unwavering promise that Cheech’s Private Stash WILL ALWAYS BE GOOD!


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