Paper Planes Business Class Sauce

Paper Planes Extracts Business Class Sauce 1g

Paper Plane Extracts Business Class Sauce 1g

THCA Crystalline is their purest and most potent form of cannabis extract and is refined through a long, finite curing process. The consistency is that of a diamond and will test from 90-97% THCA.

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Paper Planes Extracts highly acclaimed products are curated from the best plant materials and ingredients, coupled with state-of-the-art processing, to bring you an exquisite cannabis experience. Good is the enemy of great. They only achieve greatness through stubborn persistence to innovate new products to further your experiences in cannabis. They believe the best flight journey can help you reach your destination effectively and efficiently. Dissatisfied with the lack of quality and variety of mediocre products, Paper Planes Extracts was formed by experienced tastemakers to bring you the best of breed in cannabis extracts. From the beginning, Paper Planes Extracts set out to be a different kind of company. One that not only celebrated the best of cannabis, but that also brought out the best in people and experiences.

But they are not done.

They continue to evolve and push themselves harder to innovate new products that are in a class of their own, filled with potency and flavor each and every time.


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