Bloom Farms Indica Complete Set


Bloom Farms

INDICA Complete Set


A calm and relaxing indica dominant blend. Perfect for nighttime, indica provides a relaxation, pain relief, and can be a powerful tool for inducing deep sleep.
Includes battery, 500mg cartridge, and USB charger. Everything you need to get started with a 100% lifetime guarantee.

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Product Description

Bloom Farms Indica Complete Set

Simple, discreet, and stylish —

Highlighter is a portable, smokeless cannabis oil vapor pen. Extracted with clean CO2 in the same way as essential oils, our pure, all-natural cannabis oil contains consistent 45-50% THC content. The battery powered heating element warms the oil, delivering potent and consistent vapor unparalleled by any other brand. This surprisingly easy-to-use, health-conscious alternative to smoking will delight you with artful sophistication and leave no lingering scent. We use only 100% recyclable packaging.


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