Tinley Tonics | High Horse Tonic 4-Pack

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Spicy Ginger, Lime & Pineapple Jack Sativa

Weedcon 2019 winner. Inspired by California’s stubborn favorite. Contains spicy ginger soda, lime and a micro-dose (5mg) of Emerald Triangle-grown Pineapple Jack sativa for a euphoric, social effect. Pair with lunch/dinner or imbibe after a long day. Vegan, gluten-free and just 5g sugar. Technology for rapid onset and full-flower effect. Sold in party packs (4 bottles). Non-alcoholic.

5mg THC per 12oz bottle

4 bottles per pack

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Welcome to Tinley™.  Here’s Our Story.

We founded The Tinley Beverage Company with a mission to help consumers enjoy cannabis in familiar, classic beverages, Micro-Dosed to perfection. Our multi-serve brand, Tinley™ ’27, pays homage to the year 2727 BC, the earliest recorded use of medical cannabis. The end of prohibition, like the passage of Prop 64, heralded the birth of many classic beverage alcohol brands enjoyed to this day in North America and around the world.

Tinley™ believes it’s time for a new, healthy and delicious way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis, smoke-free. Non-Alcoholic Tinley™ Tonics and Tinley™ ’27 products are lower in sugar and calories than their beverage alcohol counterparts. And Tinley™ drinks are created with cannabis strain varieties that are sought after by consumers, in harmony with their range of contemporary lifestyles and tastes.

We’re a team of experienced cannabis and beverage experts, committed to excellence in formulation, sourcing, production and distribution. We’ve found the finest, fast-onset cannabis distillate from Northern California, and we craft it with premium essences of spirits and liqueurs, and terpenes for a full-flower effect. The result is our ready-to-drink Tinley™ Tonics Stone Daisy™ and High Horse™, and our multi-serve Tinley™ Elixirs, Coconut Cask, Cinnamon Cask and Almond Cask.

We hope your experience with Tinleyâ„¢ products is uplifting. Cheers!


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