Tinley '27 Almond Cask
TinleyTinley '27 Almond Cask SATIVABEVERAGES
$251 bottle
42 mg THC0 mg CBD
ALMOND CASK Silky Smooth Almond & Apricot, Italian-Inspired The silky almond favorite from Italy, containing the classic mix of almond (allergen-free), apricot & barrel-aged extracts. Divine on ice & with teas, coffees, sodas, juices & desserts. Each bottle contains 8.5 shots, with each shot containing a micro-dose (5mg+nano) of Emerald Triangle-grown Pineapple Jack sativa for a euphoric, social effect. Vegan, gluten-free, Kosher and just 1-2g sugar per shot. Technology for rapid onset and full-flower effect. Non-alcoholic. Total THC: 42mg THC THC per serving: 5mg Servings: 8.5 Serving Size: 1.5 fl oz 12.7 fl oz (375ml)
2727 BC marks the world’s first recorded use of medical cannabis. Now over 4,000 years later, Tinley™ ’27 offers a collection of non-alcoholic cannabis-infused elixirs crafted for the contemporary cannabis connoisseur, inspired by legendary adult beverages. Each multi-serve bottle provides over 8 micro-dose servings of premium Pineapple Jack Sativa, with a fast-onset and full-flower experience. Enjoy these familiar flavors straight up, on the rocks or in your favorite blended creation. Only 10 calories and less than 2g of sugar per serving