High Horse Tonic 4-pack
TinleyHigh Horse Tonic 4-packSATIVABEVERAGES
$204 bottle
20 mg THC0 mg CBD
HIGH HORSE™ Spicy Ginger, Lime & Pineapple Jack Sativa Emerald Cup 2019 1st place and Weedcon 2019 winner. Inspired by California's stubborn favorite. Contains spicy ginger soda, lime and a micro-dose (5mg) of Emerald Triangle-grown Pineapple Jack sativa for a euphoric, social effect. Pair with lunch/dinner or imbibe after a long day. Vegan, gluten-free and just 5g sugar. Technology for rapid onset and full-flower effect. Sold in party packs (4 bottles). Non-alcoholic. 5mg THC per 12oz bottle 4 bottles per pack
Non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused single-serve versions of America’s favorite mixed drinks. Crafted with natural extracts, flavors, spices and lime essence. Only 30 calories and 5-6g sugar per bottle! Contains a micro-dose of premium Pineapple Jack Sativa, with a fast-onset and full flower experience. Each 12 Fl Oz Bottle = One Micro-Dose Serving