Chapos Churro
Northern EmeraldsChapos ChurroHYBRIDFLOWERS
$651/8 oz
22.82 % THC0.05 % CBD
Chapo's Churro is grown exclusively by Northern Emeralds. When a flower appears as if it were held by its stem and dunked into a vat of cinnamon sugar, this is what Chapo's Churro brings to the table. With a nose that is characterized by spice, sweetness, baked goods, and forest funk this Indica dominant hybrid does not lack in complexity. When inhaled, those same spice and sweet notes come to the front and invite you back for puff after satisfying puff. Relaxing, yet playful in effect, a definite solid addition to any connoisseurs collection.It’s prominent terpenes are Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Limonene.