Live Resin - Banana Split
DabbliciousLive Resin - Banana SplitHYBRIDCONCENTRATES
$401 g
64.72 % THC0 % CBD
Banana Split derives from crossing the strains Tangie and Banana Sherbet. This Sativa Dominant strain is known for mind clearing effects; much needed when you got to be productive. It'll keep your mind focused and alert while keeping your body centered. You got things to get done? Well this is the strain for you!
Dabblicious Live Resin These Live Resins are YOLO grown and manufactured by the Dabblicious team themselves. It all starts with flower from Dabblicious Farms that is grown to perfection for one purpose…to be turned into a craft batch of terpene rich extract to translate all of the natural complexities of the flower. Potency: 50% – 80% THC Recommended Use: dab or e-vape DISCLAIMER – POTENCY LEVELS MAY FLUCTUATE PER BATCH