Blueberry Kush | Vape Cart
DabbliciousBlueberry Kush | Vape CartINDICACARTRIDGES
$551 g
76.76 % THC2.59 % CBD
Dabblicious Cartridges are like no other! We take pride in sharing our vape carts with everyone ensuring we only use the highest quality methods, material and hardware. Dabblicious uses a hydrocarbon method which allows us to extract the most complete cannabinoid profiles. Our full-spectrum extract is rich in high terpene and cannabinoid similar to the original whole plant. This full-spectrum extract is then blended with our proprietary blend of real fruit terpenes and then hand weighed & filled into CCELL certified cartridges to ensure the most consistent smooth draw every time. The end result is an amazing real fruit flavored treat you can discreetly enjoy & sip on. What are you waiting for, get out and live the Dabblicious lifestyle!