Foria Mixes Cannabis Business With Pleasure

A line of infused personal lubricants from Foria lets you get high when you’re getting hot and bothered.  

The old maxim that marijuana is an aphrodisiac has technically never been proven, but cannabis users will give you plenty of anecdotal evidence insisting that cannabis use helps get them turned on. One company is harnessing the alleged aphrodisiac powers of the kind weed with marijuana-infused personal lube and suppositories.

That company is Foria, also known as Foria Wellness.

The most popular items in Foria’s line are the infused “weed lubes,” Foria Awaken, and Foria Pleasure. Both are intended for women, but are, as the old ad used to say, “strong enough for a man.” These products don’t just provide lubrication, but also purport to result in enhanced sensations, deeper orgasms, and a sense of full-body relaxation.

The cannabinoids are the magic elixir in Foria lubricants, but their all-natural ingredient list also contains coconut oil and plant extracts like kava root, cinnamon, and ginger. Flavored elements like cardamom, peppermint, vanilla and cacao are also in the mix, in case any of the lube, you know, happens to get near your mouth.

Anyone who’s used traditional cannabis knows of its mind-expanding sensual value, and this quality has been shown to transfer to topical use.

One quirk of Foria’s lubes is that they’re not recommended for use with latex condoms — the most commonly used condom type in the world. The coconut oils in Foria lubricants can break down the latex, so non-latex condoms should be used with any Foria lube.

There are several ways to order Foria Awaken CBD personal lubricant online. Check your dispensary’s online menu, or with delivery services such as Ganjarunner, which carries Foria Pleasure Within and Foria Relief.

Residents of California can order Foria Pleasure THC personal lubricant after completing a brief online signup process to join the Foria collective.

Ganjarunner delivers to much of the Los Angeles area in 90 minutes or less, and ships anywhere in the state of California in 1-2 business days.  

The jury is still out on whether cannabis is a genuine aphrodisiac, but the proven topical and psychoactive effects of its chemical compounds certainly do translate well to the bedroom. If you’re a cannabis user looking for a little extra spice between the sheets, Foria might be just the thing.

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