How to Dab Without a Dab Rig

A sensational little device called the Dablicator provides all the pleasure of dabbing, even if you don’t have a rig and don’t know how to dab.

Cannabis users have turned on to a new method of vaporizing concentrated marijuana called dabbing, a contemporary craze in the cannabis crowd that produces a far more potent and clean high. With reduced risk of lung damage, dabbing is also a healthier way to ingest your concentrated medicine than smoking.

But many old-school smokers are a little scared off by the gear necessary for a standard dab rig. Most of us don’t even have a dab rig, and, to a newbie, they sure seem more complicated to operate than a vape pen.

But dabbing doesn’t have to be complicated. An ingenious and versatile little new device called the Dablicator lets you dab without a dab rig or any other kind of specialized device.

Dabbing is just the use of concentrated doses of cannabis oil, and technically you don’t need a complete dab rig contraption to do it. You can dab by just putting some of the oil on your joint or the top of the marijuana in your bowl or bong, and the Dablicator is an incredibly simple and convenient way to do that.

The Dablicator is a direct dabbing device that looks like a little ballpoint pen from Jetty Extracts, who call it a utensil for “medicating on the go.”

The Jetty Dablicator comes with a gram of high-quality decarboxylated CO2 oil. For high-THC fans, the Jetty Gold Dablicator has a THC concentrate of 86%. While Jetty Extracts made its name with vape oils and vape batteries, the Dablicator is a massively convenient device that destigmatizes dabbing.

“It’s a smokeable, dabbable, non-threatening syringe,” Jetty Extracts sales director Luna Stower tells Ganjarunner. “It adds flavor and potency to whatever you’re already smoking, whether it be flower or vaping.”

Jetty Extracts calls the Dablicator “the gold standard in direct dabbing apparatuses,” and it is hard to disagree. You can drip small amounts on your joint or the top of your packed bowl, and it’s terrifically easy to control the dosage.  

Dabbing can be daunting if you’re unnacustomed  to it, and applying THC oils to joints and edibles can be sloppy. But the Dablicator makes it clean and easy to apply a dose of, say, exactly one milligram to your joint, edible, or packed bowl, and the design of its applicator helps ensure you won’t waste any oil or get sticky stuff all over your fingers.

Just twist the Dablicator cap and apply your desired amount of THC oil to your dab glass, smokable or edible.

“I can put [oil] in my tea. I can travel with it,” Stower says. “It looks like a cosmetic or an art supply. It can go into the pen section of my backpack or purse.”

With just a drop or two, the Dablicator lets you turn any food into an infused edible instantly. “You can even decorate a cake with it,” Stower adds. You can also drip oil into your beverage to create an infused drink, or add a little drop of oil onto your capsules to create some extra kick.

But even if you do own a dab rig, the Dablicator is a pretty ideal device for dabbing.

“You can dab directly with it, because it’s got an aluminum, heat-treated tip,” Stower points out. “It’s not going to blow up. It’s not going to leak. You don’t need anything to charge it with. You toss it when you’re done with it.”

And the potency of dabbing with a Dablicator is off the charts. “One little rice grain-sized drop from the Dablicator can get three people high,” she says.

Both the Dablicator and the Gold Dablicator come with your choice of hybrid, indica, or sativa oil varieties. When ordering a Jetty Dablicator or a Jetty Gold Dablicator, click the Choose an Option scroll down to select the oil of your choice.

These are the same Jetty vape oils you might already be familiar with, the indica oil Goo Berry, the sativa oil Purple Tangie, and the hybrids Blue Royal and SFV OG.

The Dablicator, along with flower, vapes, edibles, and concentrates, are available via Ganjarunner marijuana delivery. Get marijuana products delivered to your home within 45 minutes to most of the Los Angeles area. Ganjarunner can also ship marijuana anywhere in California within 1-2 business days. Even if you don’t have a card, you can get a medical marijuana card online with Ganjarunner.

Because of the potency of Jetty and other vape oils, dabs and concentrates are recommended for experienced patients only. But if you’re an experienced patient and high dosages are attractive to you, a little Dablicator will do wonders for your regimen.

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