The Most Charming Marijuana Present Possible

Looking for the best cannabis gift this season? These holiday flowers will bring joy to those special people on your list!

Shopping for marijuana gifts for the 420-friendly peeps on your list? You should give high priority to an elegant bundle of cannabis holiday joy called the Canndescent Flower Gift Box.

With a quarter ounce of premium marijuana packaged in a chic little carton full of accessories, Canndescent Flower Gift Boxes are the sophisticated way to give the gift of marijuana.

Each Canndescent Flower Gift Box comes with two jars of the finest quality, pesticide-free, hand-trimmed cannabis flower. (“Flower,” of course, is the preferred contemporary term for marijuana buds.)

Priced at what you’d normally pay for a quarter-ounce of premium cannabis, Canndescent Flower Gift Boxes also come with a holiday bonus of extra goodies in a cozy little container that makes a handsome centerpiece.

And Canndescent’s cannabis flower products have an outstanding reputation for quality. Grown with purified water and without the use of any pesticides, Canndescent flower product comes in stylish, child-resistant jars with humidity packs to preserve the marijuana’s structure and quality.

Marijuana presents are traditionally not very easy to gift-wrap. The Canndescent Flower Gift Box is conveniently shaped for gift-wrapping, and the box features a tiny functional pull-out drawer that acts as a highly refined keepsake stash box.

Each box includes two eighth-ounce jars filled with your choice of top-shelf California bud. Both jars in the box equal a combined quarter-ounce. If you haven’t shopped for this kind of thing before, take our word for it that a quarter-ounce of cannabis is considered a very generous amount to give as a gift.

While the marijuana flower itself is what makes Canndescent Flower Gift Boxes a holiday hit, the gift box itself is a sweet little package of cheer. The beautifully designed box is equipped with a tiny miniature pull-out drawer stocked with rolling papers, a pack of matches, and organic hemp wick.

Hemp wick, if you’re not familiar, is the sort of classy and healthy alternative for lighting one’s bowl, bong hit, or smoking contraption of choice. It’s an organic hemp twine that you ignite to smoke your marijuana, but allows the product to burn without the risk of inhaling butane fumes that come with the use of a traditional cigarette lighter. The marijuana flower burns longer and more efficiently when burning with hemp wick.

But the good stuff here is the quarter-ounce of premium marijuana. It is from Canndescent, a Coachella Valley-based luxury cannabis cultivator. They’re known for their strains whose names specifically describe the products’ effects, making it much easier to pick your desired flower.

And Canndescent Flower Gift Boxes come in three different varieties, each with your choice of strain. Depending on what the smoker on your gift list prefers, you can pick the pair of strains included in your gift box with choices of:

Those aren’t the only strains in Canndescent’s premium product line, and others are available individually.  Charge 509 (Lemon Haze) and Cruise 211 (Wonder Woman) are sold separately, and also shipped in an elegantly packaged jar and outer box with the pack of matches, rolling papers, and organic hemp wick included.

Canndescent’s box of five pre-rolled joints Canndescent Pre-Rolls also makes a terrific and affordable holiday gift.

Getting your hands on these holiday hemp treats is easy in Los Angeles, or anywhere in California. Ganjarunner offers marijuana delivery in Los Angeles that comes through with same-day delivery in 90 minutes or less to most of the L.A. area. You could have that Canndescent Flower Gift Box today, along with the wide range of flower, vapes, edibles, and concentrates Ganjarunner delivers.

Ganjarunner also ships marijuana anywhere in California, with cannabis delivered to your door within 1-2 business days. A medical marijuana card is currently required for purchase, but it’s easy to get a medical marijuana card online.

Canndescent Flower Gift Boxes are an evergreen gift you can give year round, but they make the holiday season especially merry.

Order a Canndescent Flower Gift Box this holiday season, and you’ll hear praise on high from anyone whose wish list might contain the best nugs roasting on an open fire.

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