Marijuana Delivery Makes Sense

Marijuana Delivery 101

Cannabis delivery throughout states that have legalized medical and/or recreational marijuana makes perfect sense. The marijuana delivery model offers many advantages while addressing local government and community concerns.

Several reasons for legalizing and regulating delivery:

Safe Access for Patients ill-equipped to travel to a traditional “brick-and-mortar” dispensary due to physical ailments and/or no available transportation.

Patient Privacy is a concern with many people uncomfortable visiting traditional dispensaries or prefer not disclosing their private health matters in public.

Community Acceptance is exceeded since neighborhoods nearby are not experiencing increased foot traffic, parking, traffic, loitering nor any nuisance type activities.

Reduced Traffic occurs since patients are not needing to drive; equating to less traffic on local streets and highways.

Online Purchases & Delivery continues to grow in every industry, thus allowing consumers to receive competitive pricing, convenience shopping and receive their medicine much faster. Pharmaceutical delivery is allowed. Why shouldn’t the cannabis industry be allowed to deliver as well?

Lower Risk & Crime as a delivery model; The public does not visit nor knows where the actual location operates.

Increased Diversity is a result considering an actual storefront requires much more capital to invest as a start-up.

Our Seniors truly recognize the benefit of allowing medical cannabis to be delivered directly to their home.

Compliance is a non issue as medical marijuana recommendations are now integrated into online collective websites to verify status. Prospective patients may browse the marijuana inventory without having the ability to place an order until verified and approved.

Patients upload their drivers license and medical marijuana recommendation along with the registration agreement for review. Staff reviews each applicants submission verifying the validity of the patients recommendation.

Verification and review generally takes 15-30 minutes allowing patients to select and purchase medicine very quickly. Same or next day weed delivery is then scheduled.

Carla Baumgartner, the CEO and Founder of ganjarunner says, “Our technology and procedures allow us to verify the validity of qualified medical marijuana patients, track inventory, accurately report to local and state agencies for maximum transparency.” Carla goes on to say, “We are proud to have completed thousands of deliveries to our very diversified members all ranging in age, ethnicity and background. Many are battling various ailments of severity. Our mission is to consistently provide our members with unparalleled service, education and value. We have been and continue to be indispensable to patients who are too ill or have other reasons preventing them from visiting a walk-in dispensary. ”

Bottom line, delivering cannabis continues to make a positive impact in thousands of lives.

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