Marijuana Shipping Popular as Demand for Cannabis Grows

Many states are holding out when it comes to legalizing marijuana as California and several other states have. However, if many U.S. citizens had their way, the story would be very different. Just a glance at Instagram could tell you how much attention this product is receiving: #smokeweedeveryday #legalizeit #weed #cannabis #hightimes. Marijuana is selling like hotcakes in California and […] Read More

Marijuana Delivery Increases Marijuana Access for Customers

If someone were to tell you that Los Angeles is not a big player in the medical marijuana industry, we would be quick to describe that person as nothing more than smoke and mirrors. You do not have to look far to see that the Los Angeles area is a hotspot for marijuana delivery, which is why the Los Angeles […] Read More

Medical Marijuana Delivery: Marijuana Replacing Pharmaceuticals

Turn on the news and you may see yet another story about the marked rise in overdoses related to opioids. But if you look closely at states that have already legalized marijuana, such as California, you will notice that the number of opioid overdoses is actually going in the opposite direction: It is plummeting. This brings us to wonder, are […] Read More

Marijuana Delivery in Los Angeles Explain Differences Between Marijuana Flower and Concentrates

Whether you’re looking for flowers or concentrates, Ganjarunner – your trusted service provider of marijuana delivery in Los Angeles – sources marijuana only from the best manufacturers and stores them properly to retain their potency and freshness. As California moved to favor the outright statewide consumption of recreational marijuana last year, the general public is seeing more and more marijuana […] Read More

Medical Marijuana Delivery: California to be a Sanctuary State?

Amid the current talk about providing sanctuary cities for immigrants in the United States, the need for a new kind of sanctuary has erupted — one that specifically protects medical marijuana delivery patients. Fortunately, efforts that have been made so far to turn the Golden State into a brand-new “marijuana sanctuary state” do not appear to be going up in […] Read More

Marijuana Delivery in Los Angeles Share Top Edible Marijuana Recipes

When you don’t want to smoke marijuana but still enjoy its benefits and effects, the next best thing is to consume it by making delicious goods. In pop culture, marijuana is made into brownies, but as an ingredient, it can practically be added into anything. Call for marijuana delivery in Los Angeles and get yourself in the kitchen – here […] Read More

Weed Shipping for 4/20 and Beyond: Top 3 Ways 4/20 Influenced the Public

In cannabis culture, 4/20 (April 20) is a significant date; but before it became a date, its original reference was time—as in 4:20 in the afternoon. Arguably, weed shipping requests for this date has increased in recent years, thanks to the legalization of cannabis use in some states in the U.S. How did 4/20 become ingrained in pop culture? Briefly, […] Read More

Marijuana Delivery in Los Angeles On The Latest News About Marijuana Laws In Los Angeles and California

Ganjarunner, an online store that offers marijuana delivery in Los Angeles, is excited to share the latest news about marijuana laws in Los Angeles and California. Just last month, marijuana users scored another huge win in their longstanding fight to support marijuana consumption in California – Gov. Jerry Brown announced ambitious plans to tie up loopholes and resolve conflicts in […] Read More

Ganjarunner named 1 of the top 20 cannabis delivery companies in Southern California

In a sea of medical marijuana delivery services across the state of California, Ganjarunner has been hailed as one of the best in quality, reliability, and generous first-time patient gifts. Leafly shares their thoughts on our state-wide delivery service: “Not only does Ganjarunner stock quality bud, they also offer one of the best first time patient gift bags we’ve come […] Read More

Marijuana Delivery Makes Sense

Marijuana Delivery 101 Cannabis delivery throughout states that have legalized medical and/or recreational marijuana makes perfect sense. The marijuana delivery model offers many advantages while addressing local government and community concerns. Several reasons for legalizing and regulating delivery: Safe Access for Patients ill-equipped to travel to a traditional “brick-and-mortar” dispensary due to physical ailments and/or no available transportation. Patient Privacy […] Read More