What CBD Ratio Is Best For You?

Our body has an endocannabinoid system that regulates important biological functions including appetite, mood, immune system, and more. Cannabinoids in cannabis can act on these cannabinoid receptors all over our body. The two most popular and widely used cannabinoids are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Knowing what ratio to take of each cannabinoid is vital to determine which effects you […] Read More

Experts Find Marijuana Customers Unlikely to Be Fazed by Higher Prices

Policy experts believe an increase in the prices of marijuana products won’t be a concern of customers, at least not in terms of consumption. The price increase is a direct result of new taxes that could be slapped on the budding industry, which could go as high as 45 percent including the statewide excise tax of 15 percent. Marijuana prices […] Read More

Be in The Know: Can I Consume Marijuana in Private Properties?

Once January 1st swings by in California, marijuana advocates everywhere in the state will finally be able to breathe easy, and walk into any retail store and buy recreational marijuana without fuss. Under state law, in a few weeks, Californians will be allowed to consume marijuana in private areas, such as their homes, including their backyard. But what if the […] Read More

Medical Marijuana Gains Support from Timberwolves’ Karl-Anthony Towns

Without a doubt, marijuana is one of the most controversial topics of the 21st century. As researchers continue to unearth more of its medicinal properties, the discussion for its legalization somehow grows murkier by the day. Now another multi-billion-dollar industry wants a seat at the table. No less than former NBA commissioner David Stern threw his support behind the complete […] Read More

Los Angeles Cannabis Event Calendar for Jan. 2018

Whether you’re looking for marijuana yoga, budtender parties, industry conferences, or professional development, the January calendar is loaded in L.A. January is the beginning of California’s new recreational cannabis era, and SoCal is smoking with bushels of marijuana events. We’ve hand-picked a potent list of the best cannabis events in southern California and the greater Los Angeles area in the […] Read More

How to Dab Without a Dab Rig

A sensational little device called the Dablicator provides all the pleasure of dabbing, even if you don’t have a rig and don’t know how to dab. Cannabis users have turned on to a new method of vaporizing concentrated marijuana called dabbing, a contemporary craze in the cannabis crowd that produces a far more potent and clean high. With reduced risk […] Read More

The Most Charming Marijuana Present Possible

Looking for the best cannabis gift this season? These holiday flowers will bring joy to those special people on your list! Shopping for marijuana gifts for the 420-friendly peeps on your list? You should give high priority to an elegant bundle of cannabis holiday joy called the Canndescent Flower Gift Box. With a quarter ounce of premium marijuana packaged in […] Read More

L.A. Cannabis Festival Schedule for 2018

Los Angeles’ cup runneth over with Cannabis Cups, marijuana festivals, and some absolutely dab-ulous large events in 2018. The dawn of the era of recreational marijuana is here. California’s legal cannabis market will open for business on Jan. 1, 2018. Southern California is gearing up with a series of marijuana festivals and events to toke it in all year long, […] Read More

The New California Marijuana Laws for 2018

California starts selling legal marijuana on January 1, but new rules and regulations dictate what dispensaries can — and can’t — do. Of all the states that have approved recreational marijuana, none have a special relationship with weed quite like California. The Golden State was the first to legalize medical marijuana, is home to the famed “Emerald Triangle” growing region, […] Read More

Foria Mixes Cannabis Business With Pleasure

A line of infused personal lubricants from Foria lets you get high when you’re getting hot and bothered.   The old maxim that marijuana is an aphrodisiac has technically never been proven, but cannabis users will give you plenty of anecdotal evidence insisting that cannabis use helps get them turned on. One company is harnessing the alleged aphrodisiac powers of […] Read More