The NFL and Marijuana: Top 3 Factors That Need to be Studied

The NFL and Marijuana: Top 3 Factors That Need to be Studied For several years, there was strong opposition from the NFL regarding marijuana use among its players. But over the past few months, it appears that the NFL is finally seeing the light regarding the benefits of using medical marijuana for pain management. It seems that the NFL and […] Read More

Marijuana May Help Ease Nerve Pain in Certain Medical Conditions

Medical Marijuana May Help Ease Nerve Pain in MS and HIV Patients Debates are still ongoing about the safety and effectiveness of medical marijuana, with some medical practitioners advocating for its legalization, and others strongly opposing it. But numerous studies have shown that medical marijuana may help ease nerve pain, particularly in patients who are suffering from debilitating medical conditions […] Read More

5 Diseases That THC Can Treat Effectively

Top 5 Diseases That THC Can Treat Effectively As more states in the country legalize the use of medical marijuana, more and more patients are seen benefiting from its healing properties. Here are the top five diseases that THC can treat effectively: 1. Epilepsy Among the five diseases that THC can treat effectively, epilepsy or seizures are two with a […] Read More

Marijuana Shipping: Why Medicinal Marijuana is Going Far

Whether medical marijuana is truly helpful for patients remains a highly debated topic. But those who have used medical marijuana products have attested to their multitude of benefits time and time again. Here are a few reasons why the demand for medicinal marijuana — and thus the demand for convenient marijuana shipping, which is going far in the Golden State […] Read More

Medical Marijuana Delivery in Los Angeles: What so Popular?

It’s a good time to be the state of California right now. After all, the state has always been able to generate more marijuana than residents in the state may legally consume. Talk about being a king in the growing marijuana world. Just a fifth of the current marijuana farms in the Golden State could easily meet all of California’s […] Read More

Medical Marijuana Delivery: What Exactly is MAUCRSA?

Operating a medical marijuana delivery business in California may quickly become easier — thus benefiting the business and customers alike — as a result of the recent passage of California’s Medicinal and Adult Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act, or MAUCRSA — also known as SB 94 or the Governor’s Trailer Bill. Whatever you prefer to call it, know that […] Read More

Medical Marijuana Delivery: Cali on a Roll with Regulations

Voters in California eight months ago made it clear that they wanted marijuana to be legal for the 21-and-older group. And they got their wish thanks to approving Proposition 64. But that was just one part of the process. The other part involves establishing a regulatory and legal framework to ensure that Proposition 64 actually does become a reality rather […] Read More

Marijuana Shipping Popular as Demand for Cannabis Grows

Many states are holding out when it comes to legalizing marijuana as California and several other states have. However, if many U.S. citizens had their way, the story would be very different. Just a glance at Instagram could tell you how much attention this product is receiving: #smokeweedeveryday #legalizeit #weed #cannabis #hightimes. Marijuana is selling like hotcakes in California and […] Read More

Marijuana Delivery Increases Marijuana Access for Customers

If someone were to tell you that Los Angeles is not a big player in the medical marijuana industry, we would be quick to describe that person as nothing more than smoke and mirrors. You do not have to look far to see that the Los Angeles area is a hotspot for marijuana delivery, which is why the Los Angeles […] Read More

Medical Marijuana Delivery: Marijuana Replacing Pharmaceuticals

Turn on the news and you may see yet another story about the marked rise in overdoses related to opioids. But if you look closely at states that have already legalized marijuana, such as California, you will notice that the number of opioid overdoses is actually going in the opposite direction: It is plummeting. This brings us to wonder, are […] Read More