Ganja Gold

GanjaGold Honey Oil

All natural, no additive strain specific pure THC oil. Great for smoking, vaping, dabbing, baking or eating.

750mg per syringe

Berry Diesel

Black Widow
Sunset Cookies
Tahoe Frost
OG Kush
Girl Scout Cookie
White Widow

Granddaddy Purple

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Product Description

Ganja Gold Honey Oil

Ganja Gold Award winning Honey oil is the best medicinal cannabis extract in the market. Extracting utilizing an FDA approved iso-hexane process makes the oil extremely versatile. Ganja Golds proprietary purification processes allow the cannabinoid and terpene profile to be fully expressed in the oil, encompassing the plants medicinal essence. Our lab tested pharmaceutical grade honey oils are strain specific, rich in active cannabinoids, and completely free of additives and thinners. Common methods of use for each 750 mg applicator can be applied topically, baked with, vaporized, ingested, or added to flower to increase its potency.

  • FDA Approved ISO-Hexane Extraction
  • 750mg Pure THC Oils in ~1.2g of matter
  • Decarboxylated (no heat required)
  • Versatile (smoke, vape, dab, bake, eat)
  • Award Winning
  • Ultra Premium Quality
  • Preserved Terpene Profile
  • Lab Tested & Strain Specific
  • All Natural, No Additives


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