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Cobra Extracts Nectar Stick

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Cobra Extract Nectar Sticks are all natural and contain an exceptionally potent CO2 oil concentrate that typically ranges from 70-75% THC.

Nectar Sticks offer patients the ability to apply the oil to the top of some flower, ‘dab’ the product directly (using the XactoDabber tip), add to a beverage or re-fill an existing vape cartridge.

Each kit comes with a spill proof cap for no-leak storage.

Available Strains Vary:

Jack Herer
Lemon Haze
Sour Diesel

Bubba Kush
Granddaddy Purple
Northern Lights


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Product Description

Cobra Extracts Nectar Stick

King Cobra venom is one of the most potent poisons in nature. It’s a glowing amber liquid that drips like honey as it’s coaxed from the fangs of a King Cobra. It’s power is both feared and highly sought after throughout the world. King Cobras are independent hunters who sit atop their ecosystem. Few animals can escape from their speed, agility, or the potency of their venom.

Cobra Extracts doesn’t follow the pack. There oil is gently coaxed from family farmed cannabis crops. They never use any harmful solvents and purify the oil using there innovative cold refining process. This allows them to produce exceptionally potent CO2 oil that is crystal clear, glows a beautiful amber color, and drips like honey. All Natural. Pure and Simple. After a year of research and development there team of scientists has developed a line of products that is unparalleled.

Ganjarunner is one of the fastest growing online collectives in California. Sign up and verification is easy and fast. We deliver to patients within our collective whom maintain a current medical marijuana card. Our aim is to consistently provide you with professional, friendly service, quality medicinal marijuana generally within less than an hour.

2 reviews for Cobra Extracts Nectar Stick

  1. 5 out of 5


    User Beware: These things are STROOOOOOONG! I grabbed a gram of the Grandaddy Purple for night time dabs before bed. Frankly the oil isn’t viscous enough to easily use it for dabbing (i.e. its very runny and doesn’t cling to a dabber) so its probably best used in vape pens or taken orally, but if you do dab this, you will feel it. The Grandaddy Purp that I tried did precisely what i wanted it to do: Eliminates pain and puts ya right to bed.

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    POTENT! The consistency is a bit on the runny side. Storing it in the fridge works but, to be honest, the freezer works the best. Makes the consistency thick and perfect for dabbing. The Jack Herer is my personal fav. when it comes to sativas. Perfect for anytime of day. Keeps me focused with a bit of an airy uplifted feel.

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