Old California Mining Town Getting Facelift Thanks To Marijuana

California’s future marijuana mecca town is beginning to take shape. New signs, fresh gravel, and a small pond are just the beginnings of this tiny to-be paradise, a place called Nipton. Cannabis company American Green, the new owner of the town, had purchased the area for $5 million, and is planning to dramatically expand lodging options. The cafe has already […] Read More

San Francisco Meets Protests Over Recreational Marijuana Regulations

Trouble is brewing in San Francisco. It’s only a few weeks away until Jan. 1, a historic date for 4/20 advocates everywhere when recreational marijuana will be effectively legal throughout California, but supervisors over at San Francisco are still having a hard time establishing regulations. Recently, protests from Chinese-Americans have erupted and put pressure on the San Francisco Board of […] Read More

California Marijuana Industry Affected by Wildfires

 California Wildfires Affect Marijuana Industry California is facing its most destructive wildfire yet. The marijuana industry, however, may remember this time for other reasons — as a setback to be more specific. The Napa and Sonoma Counties’ vineyards face huge losses from the wildfire, but the losses are even greater for Mendocino County, one of the seats of California’s fledgling […] Read More

Hurricane Maria Destroys Millions in Damages in Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria Threatens Puerto Rica’s Fledgling Marijuana Industry Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have destroyed tens of thousands of homes, displacing thousands more. However, in Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria threatens to undermine what is seemingly the cash-strapped island’s only hope for economic recovery — the legal marijuana industry. The Puerto Rico Medical Cannabis Association estimates Puerto Rico’s loss in the millions […] Read More

Marijuana Overdose?

There was some really unfortunate news early last week, about an 11-month-old child that was rushed to the emergency room, but did not survive. Our condolences to family. It was determined that the child had consumed some cannabis. The boy had suffered a seizure, and went into cardiac arrest and died. As is often the case, reporters try to find […] Read More

Upcoming Music Festivals

3 Upcoming Music Festivals The holidays are coming up and it’s time to get out and celebrate whatever it is you celebrate. What better way to get in the spirit than checking out a music festival with friends? Here are three big upcoming events that you might be interested in attending. Dreamstate Socal https://www.dreamstateusa.com/ November 24 & 25, 2017 NOS […] Read More

Can Marijuana Help Prevent or Treat Diabetes?

More than 29 million people in the United States are affected by Diabetes. Another estimated 8 million cases go undiagnosed. Each year in the US, more than one million new cases of diabetes are diagnosed. One in every ten adults 20 years old or older has diabetes. Diabetes can be a debilitating and life-threatening. Diabetics actually have to deal with […] Read More

Pot Wins Another Election

Remember last year this time when marijuana won the election? That was awesome, right? Nine states passed marijuana legislation that day—the same day as one of the most infamous presidential elections in history. This year, election day came and went with a lot less fanfare and controversy, but we’re happy to inform you, in case you weren’t paying attention, that, […] Read More

California Cannabis Law Confusion

Questions Linger as Recreational Marijuana Launch Approaches California’s recreational cannabis program will be launching in January, come hell or high water. Both may be possible considering the brewing storm. For starters, there’s the sales tax debacle. Sales taxes are scheduled to rise as much as 70% in some places—including L.A. Higher prices are expected to help black market sellers remain […] Read More

California Marijuana Taxes Adding Up To Higher Prices

They say the only 2 things that are sure in life are death and taxes. And sure as shake, California’s pot market is no exception. The California Tax Man is coming for marijuana producers and buyers. Officials at the state and local level are eager to cash in on the potential $1 billion in annual sales. Come January, pot prices […] Read More